Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself.

Of course you can. We offer small private group training for 2 to 4 people, so you can train with a partner, friend or family member. If you have different goals or fitness levels, that is no problem at all. We tailor each session for each individual so you all get the best out of your workout. Perfect for couples or BBFs! Group Personal Training 2:1 Personal Training: R 200 – 250 per person 3:1 Personal Training: R 150 – R 200 per person 4:1 Personal Training: R 150 per person If you are ready to start now, please request a call back START NOW!

We offer a range of different services and packages that aim to cater for individual needs, budgets and schedules.
The cost for my one on one personal training is R 250 – 350 per session depending on package and how many times a week you train.
1:1 Personal Training: R 250 – R 350
2:1 Personal Training: R 200 -250 per person
3:1 Personal Training: R 150 – R 200
With your personal training sessions, you will receive a personalised training program specific to your training goals.
No matter what your budget, we can devise a solution that will suits your needs and guarantee results. If my personal training is not within your budget, I also offer small group Personal Training(from R 150 – R 200 a sessions)
I’m a qualified fitness professionals, with a exercise science diploma and I’m always researching new method of training. I have been operating as a person so trainer and coach for over 10 years in the health and fitness industry and I’ve pride myself on my past and current client goals and achievements.

If you are ready to start now, you can request a call back STAR NOW! I’ll contact you as soon as possible.

All you need to do is fill out my quick call back request form. In this form you will let us know how many sessions you would like to do a week and your available days and times you can train. Alternatively please call me on +277127332 and speak directly to us.

I use electric fund transfer or cash for all of my personal training clients. I never charge my clients in advance, and there are no start up fees or lock-in contracts. You only pay for the package you choose.

To start personal training, all you need to do is fill out my online call back request (takes about 1 minutes) and then we can arrange a day for a meeting or complimentary session to help build a personalise training program for you.
Once you have completed the initial call back request, I will contact through email or phone for me to answer any more questions that you may have about your training and to arrange a start date for your training.

No of course not! We train people of all fitness levels and for a wide range of goals. Your trainer will work within your limits and tailor a program for you and you only. You will be surprised of what you are capable of!
If you have never worked out before it definitely helps to have Owen fitnesspt who is highly qualified and fitness professionals to guide you through the process of becoming fit and healthy.
You can also look forward to a number of health and fitness benefits once you begin exercising. Some of these include feeling better, more energy, increased endurance, higher levels of strength, improved flexibility, and a renewed sense of self. By starting an exercise program and integrating physical activity into your life, you will enhance your life both physically and emotionally.
If you are ready to start now, you can fill out my NEW CLIENT FORM below, or call our me on +27717127332 and speak directly to one of our personal training team.

Yes all our trainers are fully qualified.

A minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation is required for all appointments, so we can reallocate your session. Notice of less than 24 hours will incur full payment of the session fee.
To cancel please either phone or text your dedicated coach.

All our programs include an initial testing and evaluation, resistance training and cardiovascular training program design, a review of flexibility, and coaching to work through the process – ensuring your success. This includes: a complete nutrition program design, meal plans, grocery list, and our nutritional guide to help re-educate you on supportive eating to help you achieve your results.

Other questions

Diet planning is included in all our personal training packages. Diet is as important as working out, will design you a program that gets down to the calorie, if necessary, and update it as your body changes to ensure you keep seeing progress. WE ONLY SUCCEED WHEN YOU SUCCEED! We are willing to be as specific as needed for each and every client on their diets.

First and foremost, we are a private gym – huge crowds are not a part of OWEN FITNESS PT. We have no alliances to huge corporate gyms, and we work for clients only.

Each session starts off with a brief discussion to ensure you are staying on track (diet, training alone, etc.) Since we handle most of that for you via email, it doesn’t cut into your session time. Every individual’s training sessions are different based upon their goals, but most programs consist of a light warm-up and stretching, 40-55 minutes of resistance training, followed by a cool down and stretching period. Depending on the individual’s goals, a cardio regimen may also be followed.

Exceptional results. That’s why you hire us as professionals. In fact we’re so confident in our coaching services that we guarantee your results 100%.

At Owen Fitnesspt , we are highly skilled and certified personal trainers , and have many roles when working with clients. Your personal trainer will serve as a coach, teacher and motivator. It is the personal trainer’s job to assess your current physical and mental state, establish very specific goals, design an individualized program, and do whatever it takes to keep you on track towards getting results.
During the consultation, which lasts approximately 1 hour, your personal trainer will gather as much information on your medical and exercise history as possible in order to create the best program for you. Next your trainer will establish realistic goals and discuss the strategies that will be used to accomplish them. Body fat testing, body girth measurements, flexibility, cardio, and strength testing may all be done during the consultation process.

you will start weight resistance and cardiovascular training. Your trainer will demonstrate proper form and technique and explain to you the fundamentals behind the specific training that you are focusing on. Although high intensity training is the ultimate goal, you can expect to take it easy for the first couple of sessions to allow your body to adjust to the new style of training. Your personal trainer will teach you about cardiovascular training. Depending on your program, your trainer will set you up on cardio goals for each week. There will be a complete cardiovascular schedule for each week of the program. You will learn about high and low intensity cardio and how these styles of training fit into your specific