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Goal oriented personal training, weight loss, boxing, toning and shaping

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These are some of the results we’ve achieved at Owen Fitness PT , by using my effective personal training initiatives, methods and nutrition plans.

Over the years in the fitness industry, we’ve learn to understand what works for each client and what doesn’t work. We’ve had success with our protocol. Here are some of the success stories we’ve attained in 12 weeks body transformation programs we offer to individuals ready to commit and achieve there goals.

Many of these individuals below lost weight and body fat of between 5% to 20%. These people had to commit and be consistent with the program, one on one personal training and small group personal training. At Owen Fitness PT we will create a great experience and valuable lessons learned if you ready to commit, follow my lead and put in the work to reach your full potential.

I’ve been working with Owen for 1 year now and I fell I’ve found my fitness home.

He is constantly surprising and challenging me. I have yet to wake up the day after a session and not feel the dull ache of satisfied muscles.

For years I’ve been a runner and tried classes at big chain clubs, my mind and body got bored easily doing the same activity for a length of time.

Now Owen does all the flitting for me, his breadth of knowledge is impressive. He has a cracker sense of humour has encouraged me to be fit, stronger and be consistent with my training than I’ve been in a long time. Thanks to Owen fitnesspt



I joined Owen Fitnesspt back in early 2016, having worked with many personal trainers and training on my own for a long time.

I found that Owen is fully equipped with the knowledge and proper tools to help different individuals of every age and space, reach there optimum health and fitness goals.

I ’ve become more lean, strong and dropped 6% body fat and increased muscle mass. I also increased my knowledge of how to personalise and understand my body more as everyone is different.

I feel like I’ve in the best space of my life, I feel more energetic and confident. Thanks to Owen fitnesspt


Software programmer

My husband and I have been working with Owen for 1 year and 6 months now and we both have noticed a tremendous change in our bodies.

In the past, we have tried different trainers at the big chain clubs and we also tried to train on our own but nothing has come close to the intensity and dynamic nature of Owen Fitnesspt. With Owen, you not just lifting weights or doing cardio.

Its a mixture of both with proper form and technique on how to execute the exercises. It’s very very intense and it really pushed you to your limits.

Tasha and Ryan


I used to work out alone only focusing on cardio coz I didn’t n know much about resistance & polymeric training.

I started training with Owen in January 2018, because I wanted to tone and shape my body as cardio as not been too effective. Owen introduced me to weight training and how to perform exercises with proper form and technique.

I’m now more toned and my posture is more upright. I also lost a bit of midsection fat and shaped my arms.

Thanks to Owen for the training and results. If you looking for results Owen fitnesspt is the place.


Model & Lawyer

We started training with Owen in 2016 with my grandmother, we enjoy training with Owen as he managed to personalize our training and make sure it’s safe and effective for both me and my grandmother who’s s 74 years old.

My grand mother is more energetic and flexible thanks to Owen, I’m also much stronger, I gained muscle mass and lost 4% body fat. We both also have healthy eating habits and try to eat clean on a regular basis. Owen is an excellent trainer and coach.

Anne & Jane